“Arseholes” was intemperate; I’ll change that. I forget sometimes that Australian language rules don’t apply universally.

But I have no problem with you using that word for people who kill, mutilate, rape, enslave, etc.

I’m not sure what to say about “native Europeans who want Europe flooded with the lovely people who go in for the above atrocities”, since I’ve never met any. I’ve met many Europeans who have a welcoming attitude towards people fleeing those aresholes, or people who’ve had the misfortune of being born into countries ruled by those aresholes. I think they’re right to do so.

I once worked with a street sweeper — an immigrant by the way — who spoke twice as many languages as I can read. I suspect you’re right that academics have no more brain than street sweepers.


Lecturer in Philosophy, University of St. Andrews — personal website: https://axdouglas.com/

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