Let me clarify.

It’s shameful to lecture on Marx and not quote any serious texts by Marx. It’s shameful to lecture on ‘postmodernism’ and not quote a single ‘postmodernist’ — to name-drop Foucault and Derrida at the start and then outline a position that doesn’t seem at all in line with anything either of them wrote.

You don’t get to just make up easily-refuted shit and then claim that some famous philosopher held it, so that you can puff yourself up as the genius who found the flaws in the arguments. That’s pure academic fraud. And I’m embarrassed for people who fall for it.

If Peterson wants to cite some sources to substantiate any of his interpretations, I’m happy to change my mind about him. Until then, I’ll keep saying he’s an intellectual Mr. Sludge. And all this quivering admiration from worshipful little suck-ons isn’t hurting my case.


Lecturer in Philosophy, University of St. Andrews — personal website: https://axdouglas.com/

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